Thermoplastic Materials

Nickel City Polymers, Inc.

Centered around our Customers Needs
While Focusing on Creative Supply Lines

About Us

At Nickel City Polymers, we aim to develop and maintain long-term customer relationships by delivering high quality products while maintaining integrity and honesty which is reflected in our competitive pricing.

With over 20 years of experience, we lean on our knowledge of market conditions and provide alternative material solutions by cultivating supplier relationships, while saving our customers money on their resin costs.

We have established relationships with suppliers who have been on the forefront of industry technology, formulating certified recycled content products which meet the new recycling initiative requirements.

Because of our ability to adapt to customer’s needs, first time buyers turn into long term customers. Once customers evaluate a recycled content product’s consistent performance quality, they realize the value compared to prime.

We strive to provide exceptional customer service, 100% on time trucking and prompt responses to our customer’s requests and inquiries.

What Makes Us Different

Other distributors may make promises, the difference is we follow through. We have listened to the challenges faced by our customers and prioritize our response time. We often surprise our customers with a same day quote. That is not the exception, it’s the Nickel City Polymers difference.

Relationship Focused Distribution

We don’t celebrate closing a sale, we celebrate opening a relationship.